Friday, August 22, 2008

Week 2-3

So, the puppies are doing well! They are all playing a bit more with each other since they can now see each other.

In this last picture, and future pictures, the white girl has become yellow, as I forgot we didn't have a larger white collar (a puppy ate it last year, yikes!) The other collars are basically the same, although the red is now more maroon then red...

On a sad note, Kyler's grandmother FC Obertakt Hollywood Wildthing JH VC, known as Wylie has passed away, she was almost 12 years old. I had met her a few times and Kyler looks a lot like her. I hear from Wendy that Kyler gets her springs (she can jump up to the top of our patio doors!) from Wylie, and that she acts a lot like her. Wylie has left her mark on the Vizsla world by producing some really nice dogs. She will be missed!


Rocket said...

Your puppy pics are just SO adorable.

Andrew Campbell said...

Ooooooo... look at those little sausage rolls. Awesome pics, Kim.

Jaida looks like she's enjoying herself, too.


Anonymous said...

Hi Kim! I came by to check out your pups!! They are too cute!! By the way, Jaida has grown so much since I last saw her! We need to do lunch! Amanda B.