Friday, August 8, 2008

Day 5

Pictures from Day 4/5. The light blue and the navy blue are the boys, the other 3 (red, pink, white) are the girls.

The pack of five!
The pink girl resting comfortably!
The white girl seems to be the most mellow, she is perfectly happy to be held by Jaida and fall asleep in her arms.
Navy blue boy is the smallest of the group. He is always hungry!
Light blue boy is the tank of the group. He is also the loudest. He is the first to complain if mom is too far away.
A close up of the pink girl.


Andrew Campbell said...

Dang, those are cute. Anyone emerging as the pack leader of that bundle of craziness?

Thanks for the regular updates.


Rocket said...

Such sweet faces! oh, it just makes me want another one

Kim said...

No one has emerged as the leader yet...The main thing I noticed is the big guy being piggy and a screamer, and the white girl being mellow...