Saturday, August 30, 2008

A day of firsts!

Babies are getting big! There whelping bix will turn into a weaning pen this weekend. All it really means is the addition of 2 walls, basically most of our kitchen! They will be 4 weeks old on Sunday. It has gone by very quickly, I can't believe that they will be ready to go in another 4 weeks! This morning the light blue guy put his feet up on the doorway to the box, they hadn't been able to do that yet.

On Friday morning they had their first "real" meal. They seemed to enjoy it and didn't have any problems eating. As soon as I put the food down they all went to it and started eating. I think because I waited until they are closer to 4 weeks to feed them they take to it a little easier than if I had offered it to them a week before.

Then, they slept! Then, since it was a nice day yesterday, they also went outside for the first time! We have 2 ex-pens that we put together and make a nice size yard for them.

Then, after playing outside, they all crashed in the crate I put outside for them. This is the beginning of crate training.

Their mom took a nap while they were away.

And, lastly, Wonka enjoyed some sunshine, and continually tried to escape from the flower box! There is a brace in the lower left corner of the picture. She was actually standing on her hind legs at one point trying to pull herself up onto it so she could get out! It is probably 7 inches high! Russian tortoises are known for their climbing ability, so I watch her closely when she is outdoors. Someday soon hopefully I will be able to make her a real outdoor enclosure that is secure enough that I can leave her out for the day even when I am not here.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Week 2-3

So, the puppies are doing well! They are all playing a bit more with each other since they can now see each other.

In this last picture, and future pictures, the white girl has become yellow, as I forgot we didn't have a larger white collar (a puppy ate it last year, yikes!) The other collars are basically the same, although the red is now more maroon then red...

On a sad note, Kyler's grandmother FC Obertakt Hollywood Wildthing JH VC, known as Wylie has passed away, she was almost 12 years old. I had met her a few times and Kyler looks a lot like her. I hear from Wendy that Kyler gets her springs (she can jump up to the top of our patio doors!) from Wylie, and that she acts a lot like her. Wylie has left her mark on the Vizsla world by producing some really nice dogs. She will be missed!

Friday, August 15, 2008

Lots of pictures

Life here at Forest King has been busy! Puppies are doing very well, they are growing quickly. Their eyes began to open last night!

This is the light blue boy in a cute moment.

This is what we do every day with Jaida, several times per day. She loves to hold the puppies!

Could you be much cuter?

This is the pink girl This is the red girl

This is the white girl
This is the navy blue boy, his eyes are open the most.
Here is the gigantic light blue boy. He was a bit tough to get a picture of, as he is large to hold in one hand!

Beginning to play a tiny bit!

Last but not least, here is Wonka in a very temporary outdoor enclosure. (it is really an unfinished flower bed) She loves to be outside, if it would stop raining she could get out more!

Friday, August 8, 2008

Day 5

Pictures from Day 4/5. The light blue and the navy blue are the boys, the other 3 (red, pink, white) are the girls.

The pack of five!
The pink girl resting comfortably!
The white girl seems to be the most mellow, she is perfectly happy to be held by Jaida and fall asleep in her arms.
Navy blue boy is the smallest of the group. He is always hungry!
Light blue boy is the tank of the group. He is also the loudest. He is the first to complain if mom is too far away.
A close up of the pink girl.