Friday, August 15, 2008

Lots of pictures

Life here at Forest King has been busy! Puppies are doing very well, they are growing quickly. Their eyes began to open last night!

This is the light blue boy in a cute moment.

This is what we do every day with Jaida, several times per day. She loves to hold the puppies!

Could you be much cuter?

This is the pink girl This is the red girl

This is the white girl
This is the navy blue boy, his eyes are open the most.
Here is the gigantic light blue boy. He was a bit tough to get a picture of, as he is large to hold in one hand!

Beginning to play a tiny bit!

Last but not least, here is Wonka in a very temporary outdoor enclosure. (it is really an unfinished flower bed) She loves to be outside, if it would stop raining she could get out more!


Anonymous said...

The babies are adorable and HOORAY for Wonka!!! She looks very happy!

Anonymous said...

The puppies are adorable and HOORAY for Wonka!!! She looks very happy!

Stephanie said...


These pictures are fantastic! You made my day and my week so much happier looking at them!

Stephanie and Manny
Baron, Roxy and Benny

Rocket said...

Oh what a treasure they are. How's the mum doing?

Kim said...

Yes, Wonka is settling in...She is finally eating! I hope to build her a "real" outdoor house soon.

Thanks Steph!

Kyler is doing fabulous! She is a great mom. She is so attentive to the puppies, but at least will leave the whelping box now for larger amounts of time. Other then her hair falling out, (which is normal), she is great! She just looks a bit bald!

We are so looking forward to testing them all to see which one is our "pick" of the litter!


Andrew Campbell said...

Those are some cute little monkeys. Hoooey. Glad I can live vicariously through all these pictures.