Friday, February 13, 2009

Ready, set, trial!

With field trial season coming up quickly I am mentally trying to prepare myself for having very few weekends available for much else.
Our first trial of the year is next weekend down in Medford, NJ. We have Rogue entered in 2 stakes, both Amateur and Open Puppy. In puppy stakes they often don't even put birds down for them to find. Personally, I am hoping that she can at least think that there are birds there, it will help her run much better! Kyler was entered as well in the Amateur Gun Dog stake, unfortunately, she came into heat this morning, so she will not be allowed to run. I am pretty sad about the whole thing, I was really hoping that she would wait another week and a half! Never the less, we will head down there just for the pure experience for Rogue!
Tonight we spent the last few minutes before dark letting her find a pigeon a few times. She had a blast! She holds her points so beautifully! The line on her not only prevents her from eating the bird (which is on a harness because they were not born here and will fly away without it-we will hopefully have some born here in the spring which we can have fly free) but also keeps her from running out of the field. The combination of the neighbors dogs and the snow have pushed it down in many places.

On the kiddo front:

Here is Jaida "walking through the forest" (her words exactly!) on a walk with the dogs last week. Funny, since we live in the woods...How cute!Here she is having a "girls night" with mommy and friends! We went to the fabulous Goten restaurant in Sunderland, MA. It is a Japanese place where they cook the food right in front of you. I could eat there every day. We had a blast!While writing out Valentines I had Jaida try to write her own name. I hadn't seen her do it before, apparantly she can do just fine!