Monday, September 14, 2009

Weekend of Glory!

Well, no photos to post, sadly, but...

Kyler took her 2nd Master hunter leg at the VCCNE hunt test on Sunday! She hunted well and had 2 retrieves on course with a nice honor...Mike has been working on her retrieve at home diligantly the past week and it paid off. She returned the quail to hand beautifully!

Rogue also was entered in Junior hunter and she passed the final leg for her Junior title with flying colors! She can now officially be known as Forest King Upland Tsunami JH! (well, once the AKC receives the paperwork)!

Cedar had a good showing as well in his Senior hunter test. Unfortunately, for whatever reason the judges were expecting more of a Master hunter level dog in a senior test, so they didn't pass him. He had a perfect retrieve and one nice honor, which they made turn into 3 honors...Finally 45 minutes into what was supposed to be a 30 minute brace, he decided he had enough and stole the point on the other dog's bird...Oh well... He has still come a long way!

On the home front, I have now made it past 35 weeks of pregnancy! I told the midwives that I was leaving the couch next week, once I hit 36 weeks...We have a "limited" time frame of when this baby would ideally be born, silly as it is! My sister is in Greece for the next 10 days, then about a week and a half after that my parents are out of town for 10 days...So, ideally, somewhere in between this baby can come so my family can be there! (I might have to push a truck up a hill to get it that way, but if that is what it takes then perhaps I will do that!) :)