Friday, October 31, 2008

And we're back...

It has been a while since I posted. I apologize for the delay, it has been a rough couple of weeks here at Forest King.

For starters on opening day of pheasant season Cedar had a terrible accident that could have easily taken his life. I won't get in to much for details, but suffice to say that he is recovering well. His bird season this year is over and he will be in a splint for several months, but we are blessed to have him here with us!

That being said, along with the rest of life!

The puppies are doing very well, yes, notice I said "puppies". Rogue is here to stay, of course, but for whatever reason we still have one male and one female puppy available. For various reasons, nothing has worked out with all the people who were going to take them. It is extremely frustrating, as they are now 12 weeks old and very much ready to go to a family where they will get individual attention! I have been searching far and wide for a family that is looking for an extremely well bred field dog. We have had lots of interest, but nothing has panned out. I am even willing at this point to have them go to a "non-hunting" home, as long as they are kept very active. (the red girl really would be best in a hunting home, but the male could certainly do fine in a home that does agility, or something similar) I really think that the economy is messing with people's minds, and for whatever reason people seem to think that spring is the only time to get a puppy. By spring these puppies will be housebroken and ready to start their debut in the field trial world! If anyone out their in blog land is looking for a well bred Vizsla please let me know!

Here is the future of hunting for Forest King! This was our first day back after Cedar's accident, I put an orange sweatshirt on Jaida as well as my hat. At one point on the walk (Mike was hunting, I was just walking with Jaida) she sat down and made this perfect photo op!
Here is Rogue on another hunt, checking out near the corn! She already knows where to find the birds!
She also knows where to go to relax after a long hike! She is the spitting image of her mother, it is really neat to see!Here are the puppies playing in our side field with a rooster Mike had gotten a couple hours earlier. They were all crazy about it!
Here they are after all that fun! And, yes, that is a splint on the boys leg( we call him Kinko, as that was his nickname as a newborn puppy)...A few days prior to Cedar being injured, while I was away at a veterinary conference, He hurt his leg. Luckily it is nothing major, and will not cause him any problems in the future. He just needed to wear a splint for 2 weeks. (I told you it had been a rough couple of weeks!)

Saturday, October 11, 2008


So here we go, the big moment! Introducing our new Vizsla!

Forest King Upland Tsunami

Proudly known as "Rogue". We have thought long and hard about her name and wanted something that was appropriate for what we know she will turn out to be! Tsunami described her perfectly (she is a wave of mass destruction!) and a tsunami could certainly be considered a rogue wave! Hence the name.

She is formerly known as "pink". We have spent many weeks trying to decide which puppy would be the right one for us. She fits the bill. She is sweet and a bit crazy, not much fazes her. She is happiest running and exploring, just like most Vizsla puppies! The above picture is of her and her first live quail. As soon as she realized what we were doing she was out of her mind! She already has the Vizsla hunting tail that most Vizsla people would recognize, a certain way of wagging when they are on the scent. She found this quail several times with just her nose! Most puppies go by sight, not these guys! She then happily carried it around our field until we had to take it away to hide it again for her. The other 2 puppies did exactly the same thing. I have never seen puppies be so birdy before!

Here is Rogue just going out to our training field, before even seeing any birds. She was heading towards the bag and slammed on the brakes as soon as she smelled it.

Here she is going by with the bird, I shot the picture a 1/2 second too late.

Our little trainer/helper!

Here is red and then below, the blue boy.
Before spending some time with the puppies we went to Red Apple Farm in Phillipston, MA to do some apple picking with Mike's mom and family. Jaida loved climbing the trees!Jaida getting a better view of the top of the trees! Yikes!

Pulling the morning's earnings back to the car. The silly cart had an extra rental fee...But we had 3 bags full of apples to carry, so in the end it was worth it! Thanks to Sue for renting it! (Mike's aunt)

Jaida and cousin Kiley at the end of the morning.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Close, but no cigar!

We spent this past weekend down at Flaherty Field in CT for the CVVC fall hunt tests. It was overall a nice weather weekend, it was fairly cool, so we didn't have to worry about the dogs getting too hot.

We brought the puppies with us so they could get some socialization with other bird dog people. Plus it is always a good opportunity to expose them to some birds! They were in bird dog heaven! Both pictures of the puppy with the bird are of the red female.
This is Kyler and I during our brace on Saturday. She went on point just as we came into the bird field. This ended up being an unproductive point, as there was a big pile of feathers, but no bird. Looks nice though! We ended up with 2 more finds, the first one we were not able to shoot as it flew over my head and the gallery following me would have been in danger of being shot. Finally we found another Chukar and were able to get the required retrieve. Kyler did a very nice job all around. Her honor was pretty decent, considering that it has been our biggest obstacle.

This was the result on Saturday! We had an average of 8.5. This was Kyler's 3rd leg of her SH, so just one to go.

Sunday didn't go quite as well. While she hunted like a fiend (a little too much so, she was running like a field trial dog) She held some nice points, but there were other areas that we lacked in that gave us the lovely "NQ"-no qualify. Alas, that means we need to find another test at some point to finish her title up. I am probably going to start field trialing her, as she has the potential to be a fabulously competetive dog in that area!

Happily, Momo, Andrew's dog (and Kyler's cousin) finished up his SH title on Saturday. Well done Andrew and Momo! You can see his version of the day here.

Kyler is having a grand time with the puppies lately, she really enjoys playing with them, she is more like a friend now, no longer a mom! Here she is with the pink girl, who is a great wrestler!