Saturday, October 11, 2008


So here we go, the big moment! Introducing our new Vizsla!

Forest King Upland Tsunami

Proudly known as "Rogue". We have thought long and hard about her name and wanted something that was appropriate for what we know she will turn out to be! Tsunami described her perfectly (she is a wave of mass destruction!) and a tsunami could certainly be considered a rogue wave! Hence the name.

She is formerly known as "pink". We have spent many weeks trying to decide which puppy would be the right one for us. She fits the bill. She is sweet and a bit crazy, not much fazes her. She is happiest running and exploring, just like most Vizsla puppies! The above picture is of her and her first live quail. As soon as she realized what we were doing she was out of her mind! She already has the Vizsla hunting tail that most Vizsla people would recognize, a certain way of wagging when they are on the scent. She found this quail several times with just her nose! Most puppies go by sight, not these guys! She then happily carried it around our field until we had to take it away to hide it again for her. The other 2 puppies did exactly the same thing. I have never seen puppies be so birdy before!

Here is Rogue just going out to our training field, before even seeing any birds. She was heading towards the bag and slammed on the brakes as soon as she smelled it.

Here she is going by with the bird, I shot the picture a 1/2 second too late.

Our little trainer/helper!

Here is red and then below, the blue boy.
Before spending some time with the puppies we went to Red Apple Farm in Phillipston, MA to do some apple picking with Mike's mom and family. Jaida loved climbing the trees!Jaida getting a better view of the top of the trees! Yikes!

Pulling the morning's earnings back to the car. The silly cart had an extra rental fee...But we had 3 bags full of apples to carry, so in the end it was worth it! Thanks to Sue for renting it! (Mike's aunt)

Jaida and cousin Kiley at the end of the morning.


Andrew Campbell said...

Yeay, 'Pink Girl' has an official name! Will you call her 'Sue' or 'Rogue' in the field?

Having seen them in action, I can hereby testify that those pups are incredibly driven when it comes to bird-scent.


Kim said...

We plan to call her Rogue, as we have had a pet named Sioux-xee before, it just wouldn't be right. (Sioux-zee was a ferret)

We were blown away by how birdy these guys are, even having seen them in action before, it is still hard for us to believe... :)

Stephanie said...

Welcome to the "Family" Rogue! I can't wait to see you in action! If you're anything like your Mom and Uncle you'll be a sight to see!

On a side note, Kim, you are so right to hold-out for hunting homes. Another Vizsla is coming into rescue from a family that has no time or energy for him. He spends 10-12 hours a day in a crate, 1 hour out of the crate and then back in for nighttime. Very sad. People need to understand what they are getting into with a Vizsla. You're a good breeder and I highly respect you and Mike and Jaida - of course!