Monday, October 6, 2008

Close, but no cigar!

We spent this past weekend down at Flaherty Field in CT for the CVVC fall hunt tests. It was overall a nice weather weekend, it was fairly cool, so we didn't have to worry about the dogs getting too hot.

We brought the puppies with us so they could get some socialization with other bird dog people. Plus it is always a good opportunity to expose them to some birds! They were in bird dog heaven! Both pictures of the puppy with the bird are of the red female.
This is Kyler and I during our brace on Saturday. She went on point just as we came into the bird field. This ended up being an unproductive point, as there was a big pile of feathers, but no bird. Looks nice though! We ended up with 2 more finds, the first one we were not able to shoot as it flew over my head and the gallery following me would have been in danger of being shot. Finally we found another Chukar and were able to get the required retrieve. Kyler did a very nice job all around. Her honor was pretty decent, considering that it has been our biggest obstacle.

This was the result on Saturday! We had an average of 8.5. This was Kyler's 3rd leg of her SH, so just one to go.

Sunday didn't go quite as well. While she hunted like a fiend (a little too much so, she was running like a field trial dog) She held some nice points, but there were other areas that we lacked in that gave us the lovely "NQ"-no qualify. Alas, that means we need to find another test at some point to finish her title up. I am probably going to start field trialing her, as she has the potential to be a fabulously competetive dog in that area!

Happily, Momo, Andrew's dog (and Kyler's cousin) finished up his SH title on Saturday. Well done Andrew and Momo! You can see his version of the day here.

Kyler is having a grand time with the puppies lately, she really enjoys playing with them, she is more like a friend now, no longer a mom! Here she is with the pink girl, who is a great wrestler!


Andrew Campbell said...

Kim + Kyler: you were awesome on Saturday. We felt lucky to be able to see so much of it from up on the gallery hill.

You know you can do it, we know you can do it. And remember to have fun! From my experience I know that I was fighting hard not too think about finishing the title and just concentrating on being as relaxed and present for the dog as possible.

love from us

Kim said...

Thanks Andrew! I was very happy with her both days, she is doing as much as she has been trained to do! I can really only ask that of her. I could only laugh on Sunday and say, well, there is your field trial breeding showing! She is my little speed demon!

Kim :)

Stephanie said...

Kim, LOVED seeing you, Mike, Jaida and the PUPPIES!!! How much fun I had. Could you tell?? I kept running over every spare minute I had. They are going to make some wonderful bird dogs.


Kim said...

Always great to see you too Stephanie! The puppies certainly show promise as wonderful bird dogs!

Delilah and Rocket said...

Kyler you are such an awsome mama and huntress to boot!

Gennasus said...

Gorgeous puppies! Great to see them doing what comes naturally

Kim said...

Thanks Rocket and Delilah! I am very proud of my Kylerpup!

Kim said...

Gennasus, thanks for stopping by! The puppies certainly love to play with birds!