Wednesday, August 6, 2008

More pictures!

Puppies are 3 days old now. Everyone is doing great! Today was a big day for them...They had to get their tails and dewclaws done. Yikes, I hate it...I feel so bad for them, if it wasn't breed standard I don't think I would do it. It didn't use to bother me, the thought of it, at least. Then I had to hold some puppies (not mine) to get them done, and boy, it was hard for me to deal with. The puppies scream and you know it has to hurt.

At least analagesia for the procedure is sometimes used now. I requested today that they have a lidocaine or bupivicaine block. These are 2 agents that we use as local anesthetics in some procedures. Luckily I work for the veterinarian that did the procedure today, he did some research and honored my request. He did seem to think that it made a difference for the puppies, so he plans to use it for all future procedures like this. The doctors at my full time job don't do such procedures, it is more of a "regular" vet thing, and none of the doctors I work with have done it in years...

So, this is what you really want, more pictures...The above picture is from yesterday. You can see the 2 boys in the front. There is a huge size difference between them. The light blue boy is significantly larger than the navy blue boy. The fish in the front is a toy Jaida bought for them for when they are "a little bit bigger". There isn't as much of a size difference between the girls.

So, that is all the photo's for now. More to be posted when I get a chance.
On another note, we finally received the bird launchers that we had pre-ordered in May. The guy who started this company was making them as a new project. We had to wait for them to be finished. They arrived today and so far they look really nice. He had some problems during production and some of the antenna's were not attached properly, leaving it basically antenna-less. Ours were 2 of the lucky few that had this problem, so we are trying to find a way to remedy it. We may have to send them back for a brief repair. They currently work great, but only if the remote is about a foot away from the receiver. You can check out more info on Scott has been a very nice and honest person throughout the waiting period. We will see how it all works out!


Anonymous said...


They're beautiful! Congrats again! We can't wait to meet them in person.

Stephanie and Manny

Andrew Campbell said...

Wow... that's some cuties right there. Have to fight the urge not to get another. Must resist... the urge is strong... must resist just a little longer.

As for dew-claws and docked tails: you know it makes sense, especially if these are even half the hunting dogs you reckon they'll be.


Kim said...

Thanks guys! They have been fun! Andrew I would give you a puppy in a millisecond if you actually wanted one!


Rocket said...

Hope the vet does a good job docking the tails & dews. We had to have Rockets dews redone and I'm not sure his tail was docket properly. But then again, that just makes him unique! :-)

FoulHooked said...

Kudos on getting him to use an anaesthetic.

Kim said...

My boss did the tails and dews last year and they all turned out fine...He has done several litters a year as long as I have known him, none with complications.
I feel better that I had an anesthetic used for sure. It did stress them none the less. They slept hard for the rest of the day, hardly waking at all. Poor buggers! They at least seem fine now (Friday).