Thursday, July 3, 2008

Field days and fun days!

So, we spent last Sunday down in Connecticut at the Flaherty field trial grounds. It was ridiculously hot, a day that no normal dog handler/bird hunter would ever really hit the field. By noon it was certainly well into the 90's. Kyler was the second brace out in the excellent division, the division for the dogs with a bit more experience. With her being pregnant, I wasn't sure if I should really enter her, but the closing date for the day was before we knew and I decided that she would like to run either way.

She had a decent run, the grass on the side we ran on was so high that it was over my head in many places, and at least up to my waist everwhere. This made both scenting conditions, as well as conditions for seeing her very difficult. I hadn't put her bell on her collar, as I used to do, as it can also hint to a judge if they are moving. After seeing the cover I realized that I should have put the bell on her. Almost right from the begining I had a difficult time keeping track of her, she is a small Vizsla and the heavy air kept me from hearing much of anything subtle.

She didn't listen as well as I would have liked her to, but I was giving her slack considering her "condition". The highlight of the run for me was once we found a bird. She went on point from when I was several hundred feet back with one of the judges. They let me know and I ran up the dirt road to find her. There she was, locked up with her bracemate honoring her. I looked and looked for the bird in the waist high grass but I was having a hard time. During the initial 2 minute or so search she didn't move a muscle! Perfect! The judges wanted me to relocate her, which I did. She went right back to the same area and locked up on point again in the tall brush. I couldn't actually see her from the road. I went in, saw her and began to walk by her to where I hoped the bird would be. I saw some feathers and stepped around for a second. The chukar flushed suddenly without me actually seeing exactly where it was. The gunners shot, the bird went down, I turned to Kyler and she was still rock solid on point! This was the first time in a "real" (meaning, non-training) situation, that she had stayed steady. She didn't move until I released her for the retrieve. After taking a few seconds to find it and pick it up, she brought it to right in front of me and handed it over. At that point the judges had decided that they had seen enough, and it was too hot to continue. They had me collar her up.

Oddly enough, we didn't place, or even get an honorable mention, but the best part of the day for me anyway, was Kyler holding her point as long as she did both before the find and after the fall! I couldn't really have asked anything more of her...Team V-Bronx Chapter, however, has a different ending! Jozsi beat out an impressive bunch of dogs to win the title of Hunting Dog! Congratulations to Jozsi! Andrew and Jozsi are showing people just how great Vizslas, in particular, Widdershins and Upwind lines can be in the field! Check out his write-up and pictures on his blog:

So, we are trying to keep Kyler as active as she can be without overdoing it...We have a short hike 1/4 mile up the road from us that gives us an awesome view. It is only a 10 minute up hike (well, without the kid going slow, that is...) Kyler still seems to be just as agile, although, she is slowing down for sure. She is sleeping harder after any exercise.

Since doing her ultrasound a week ago today she has changed a lot. When she is laying on her back, particularly, you can really tell that she is pregnant.

Jaida is showing more and more of mommies love for animals. These pictures are from last week when we went to a local petting zoo. The chickens and the goats are by far her favorite! We ended the day by making a batch of brownies, which she loves! Whenever we make them there seems to be a common theme...See below...
On one last random bit...I am starting to gather ideas for call names for the puppy we plan to keep from Kyler's litter. We are looking for something different, but not completely wacky and it mush be catchy !....We plan to keep a female, pending that she has at least one girl! Please send any suggestions through the comments section! I would love to hear any ideas that people have! The more the better!!!


Andrew Campbell said...

Kim: I was a little surprised at your (lack of) result, too. I guess that's the deal with field trial-type scenarios... it's virtually impossible to see all the competition and then it comes down to judges opinions, anyways. The HD Excellent field was a tough field for a smaller v. to run, as well. So glad you were impressed with her... she's an awesome dog.

If we got a girl vizsla, I'd think about calling her Katyusha (or Katya, for short). With her parents, that pup will be a red rocket... and you don't get much more (Soviet) Red Rocket than the Katyusha... and besides 'Rocket' is already taken.

best wishes

Kim said...

The field was tough, thanks for the nice words! It makes me feel better to know that someone else other than myself thinks my dog is good at what she does!

That is certainly a way to go with names...I hadn't thought that direction. We will start writing them down now...

godzillabellz said...

Remember when you were coming up with names for Fanny's future babies in high school? You had a whole notebook page full of favorite was "East Coast Image", but we both agreed it sounded like a clothing store. :)

~ Rachel C. :>

Kim said...

Rachel!! Thanks for leaving a comment! You have the most incredible memory, you always remember things that I never do, although the name is fairly familiar!
So everyone knows, Rachel is my best friend from high school. We don't see each other often, but whenever we do it is always a blast!