Saturday, July 26, 2008

"This is my first time eating a banana on a train!"

It has been a while since I have been able to post so this one will cover all sorts of topics!

We took a brief a vacation for a long weekend up near the White Mountains of New Hampshire. We stayed at a very pet friendly campground, which can be hard to find. The Chocorua Camping Village (for some reason blogger keeps putting extra stuff in front of the real address, sorry I can't seem to get it to not put it there!) is located about 30 minutes from Conway, NH. They have a swimming hole just for dogs, as well as a fenced in dog park and offer dog daycare for a reasonable price. There are trails for hiking and mountain biking where the dogs are able to run off leash. If anyone is ever looking for a campground near there, I highly recommend it!

Kyler and Cedar had a good time, although Kyler has slown down so much we had to take it easy for her sake.

The caption for the heading above is a quote from Jaida while we were riding on her first train at the Conway Scenic Railroad. This is pretty much how she spent most of the ride, glued to the window, waving to everyone whenever there were people to wave at. For any of you who have kids....Yes, that is Thomas the Train in the background. It cost twice as much to ride that train, and the ride was half the length.

This is a field we drove by, I wish I had this view everyday!

Here she is with the moose outside the campground office as we were checking out to leave.

Then at the Polar Caves!

Then, the new addition to the family. "Wonka", is a Russian Tortoise. I have wanted a tortoise for a very long time and after a lot of serious thinking and research, the right situation came along and here she is! Thanks Heather!! We love her already!

Then, of course, Kyler. This picture is from today.

We took xrays a couple days ago to see about how many puppies there are. We see 5, I was hoping for a few more, but I am still just as excited! Here is her film:
Now we are preparing for Jaida's birthday party. She turns 3 years old on the 31st, so we are having her party tomorrow. I hope Kyler handles all the commotion well! Once everyone leaves it is time to set up the whelping box! (It should really be set up already, but with the party we would have had to take it down)


Ziggi and Pesto said...

Exciting times.

Purely wondering but with humans they say no xrays for the possibility of harming the baby. Is there a certain time that you wait until for the xray in dogs?

Zig (and curious Anna)

Kim said...

Well, usually one x-ray isn't a big deal...I certainly wouldn't be taking many. We also use digital xray, which uses a bit less radation than regular x-ray machines. The point of doing an x-ray is to determine about how many puppies there are, and you have to wait until at least day 40 to do that. (ultrasound is very unreliable with counting how many) I wouldn't want to do one without knowing that I would see something because then it is truely needless radiation.

Kim :)

Andrew Campbell said...

Kim + Mike + Jaida: thanks so much for inviting us to celebrate Ms. Bean's birthday. We had lots of fun, despite the weather. Watching Mike grill in flippers and a snorkel was the best -- it kept the chicken nice and juicy, too. With all the rain (and trees down on I-91), it took us 2hrs to get through Northampton before we could get on some side roads and then back onto the freeway. The boys obviously had fun and slept the whole way home.


Kim said...

Thanks for coming on Sunday Andrew!! It was great to see you and Meg, even if it was torrential downpours...Mike is such a good sport, I think I would have said, ok, we are all having chicken cooked inside!
Jaida loved all her new toys, she was wearing her new "shoes" later on that evening, I will have to post a picture, quite funny!
See you Saturday!


Ziggi and Pesto said...

Hi Kim,

Thanks for the explanation. Very sensible reasoning too.