Friday, June 27, 2008


So, Kyler is indeed expecting puppies!! We did a quick ultrasound at work yesterday and saw several puppies!! We will know about how many when I take an x-ray after day 40 of her pregnancy.
You really cannot tell accurately with an ultrasound how many puppies there are, as you can sometimes double count and the puppies can hide behind things, such as stool. (which was Kyler's problem, she had to go..) The best way to know is by taking an x-ray after day 40 because then you can actually see the spines and skulls and count them for a fairly accurate count.
Kyler has been pickier than usual when it came to her food, so I had a suspicion that she was pregnant, but it was great to get the confirmation and actually see the little babies and their umbilical cords! Now we wait! She is due around August 4th, so we will be busy building our whelping box between now and then!


Andrew Campbell said...

Wohoo... congratulations! MHPP can now be retitled MPP (Miss Pregnant Pants). August is going to such a quiet month for you!

Yoiks. What if she whelps at the VCCNE Annual Meeting?


Rocket's Mom said...

Congrats! How exciting.

Anonymous said...

Congrats that is so so so exciting.

Can't wait to see the pics of the little bundles of trouble.

redgirls-in-scotland said...

We have dipped in and out of here for ages and ages and really don't know why we have not posted before (blame our rubbish mum) oh woo hoo fab babies on the way (we follow momo and jozsi)Redgirls LOVE little V red people. From now on we are AGOG .. big ginger ones XXXX

Kim said...

Glad you left a comment Redgirls! My granparents on my dad's side both came from Scotland as yound children, so it has a special place in my heart! I hope to visit someday!!

Cristina Sabates said...

Congratulations! Can't wait to see them all.