Wednesday, June 4, 2008


So, after days of trying...Kyler has finally been bred! Thanks to the determination of Carrie of Durite Vizslas, and Duke, the stud dog, we can finally hope to have puppies! Kyler is very difficult when it comes to the whole breeding thing. I feel kind of bad, she is a big tease and only wants so much of the whole deal. But, anyway, her first due date will be August 4th. I think I will be taking that week off.
With her litter last year, the girl who was going to be able to cover for me, wasn't able to, so I worked a 12 hour shift, then whelped 6 puppies until 6am, then left for work to work another 12 hour shift. They couldn't find anyone to cover for me. So I was awake for well over 36 hours by the time I got home. I will never do that again! Then I had to go to bed that night and do it all over again the next day. Zoinkers!


Andrew Campbell said...

Congrats to you, Duke, and MHP! Those pups are going to be little firecrackers -- and the folks that get them will be blessed.

Hopefully you'll be on your regular schedule by then.

When does MHP get back?


Kim said...

I am not sure exactly when she will be coming home. They would like to get in a breeding today and Friday. They were thinking first thing next week, but the temperatures are supposed to be in the 90's through next Friday, the 13th...Airlines won't fly dogs if it is over 85 (even that is too warm, I think). I am waiting to hear back from them to see what they would like to do.