Monday, June 2, 2008

Fun Day!

So, the VCCNE had its annual fun day on Saturday. It was a huge success, despite the rain. Luckily it rained hard, then it would be clear for an hour, then it would rain for another 10 minutes, then be clear again. It wasn't great weather for the quail, but we dealt with it as we could! We now have a quail infirmiry here in Northfield for the birds that were caught by the dogs and taken away. So far we have a good number of birds that have survived a few days after, which gives me hope that they will be alright.

We got to see many, many Vizslas try their noses at bird finding. Many owners who were new to the whole bird deal got to see their pups do what they were bred for. Everyone seemed to have a very good time watching their pals sniff out the quail. Due to the rain the birds didn't fly very well at all, but most of the dogs were very beginners, so we just really wanted them to find birds and be excited about them anyway...

We also got to see one of Kyler's puppies from last year, Skyla, who is just the cutest thing on 4 legs! Above is a picture of her when she was younger. I have a couple other pictures that I haven't downloaded yet. She has always loved the water her parents said. She must get that from her mother...

Kyler is still out in Indiana to be bred. She is currently playing hard to get, but I think it has been a bit early for her, she is a late one when it comes to being ready for breeding...Most dogs ovulate somewhere around day 12, Kyler is day 18 or later. I just got off the phone with them, she is doing well despite being difficult to breed. They have said, don't worry, they will get it done, she will come back pregnant. I am keeping my fingers crossed!

I also got some recent pictures from another of Kyler's puppies. Lucie, from VT. Her face is the spitting image of her mother, except for the cowlick on her nose! She is learning to hunt with falcons on the VT/Canadian border. Falconers use falcons, instead of guns to catch their prey. It must be fun to watch, I have never seen it myself!
I am off to work tonight. I was hoping that a few weeks ago was going to be my last overnight, but they haven't found anyone to replace me in the ICU yet so I can move to my new position as a surgical nurse. Until they do I have to continue to work a rotating schedule of overnights, days, and weekends. Hopefully soon I will be a normal person!


Andrew Campbell said...

That's a great pic of Skyla! And congrats on the Fun Day -- you deserve no small credit for making it as successful as it seems to have been! Bravo!

And Lucie looks a little like Jozsi in that picture... who was her father?

Hope the ICU can get you on your 'new' schedule soon.


Kim said...

It was so nice to see one of Kyler's puppies, they are having a great time with her it seems. Her dad is Egri Winston Guvnor by Egri I Like Ike. You can do a search of Ike and get some nice pictures, Winston hasn't campaigned much, so you won't find much on him, probably. He is a big, dark, handsome boy. Bigger than Cedar, believe it or not!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you had an amazing day. I am keeping my fingers crossed for the sound of pitter pattering paws.