Saturday, September 20, 2008

Half way there!

So, Kyler and I headed up to Sharpe's Farm in Hopkington, NH for the Northern New England Brittany Club hunt test. This was Kyler's first SH test in a while and I wasn't sure how we would do. We ended up with a qualifying run! Her honor left something to be desired, which I am fine with, as that is what we have been working on in training. Otherwise she had a great performance and actually stayed steady to wing, shot and fall!. She didn't move until I told her to retrieve! I was extremely happy with her performance.

Here she is after we realized (or I, for that matter) did well enough to receive a qualifying ribbon. So, now she is half way there, we need 2 more legs to finish her SH title. We will head back up tomorrow to try again. Often times, however, things the second day don't go as well as the first. They know the game and tend to be a bit hotter the second day, we'll see!

Yesterday while the puppies were out playing in the yard, the red girl decided that our chickens were very fun to chase. She loved when she jumped at them and it made them fly in the air.

She finally gave up when they went into the front yard.

Mike picking berries and a few of the babies helping!Seeing the chicken coop for the first time! Wohoo, these things are fun! This is the green (formerly light blue) boy. He is huge!The chickens weren't quite as happy about the whole situation as the puppies were. This is the red girl, pink girl, and yellow girl missing her collar. The blue boy was just leaving the scene as I took the picture. The yellow girl points the wing on a string like a pro already!
Pink streak of lightning!After the hunt test this morning we spent the day at a kids fest at Wachusett Mountain. There were all sorts of free samples and fun things for kids to do. Here is Jaida going down the biggest slide she has ever seen!
Then she got to go for a pony ride on a nice grey Arabian mare.

Waving like the ham that she is!

So, we'll see how things go tomorrow with Kyler. All I can ask of her is for her to continue to behave like I know she can!


Andrew Campbell said...

Congratulations, Kyler + Kim!! well done! It always feels good when it seems like you and your dog are communicating well as a team.

Are you telling me that neither you or Mike went down that awesome slide? Lucky Jaida-bean.

Good luck tomorrow. Hopefully we are going to visit a new training spot tomorrow -- and can work on both boys getting steady-to-fall.


Kim said...

Mike actually did go down the slide, as he helped her up the ramp...She insisted that he go first, she didn't want him around when she went down the slide.

Delilah and Rocket said...

KYLER! You are such a pretty girl especially with ribbons around you. What a great job.

Kim said...

Thank you everyone!
We didn't get a pass on Sunday, but that was fine, she still did very very well! The gunners even commented on what a nice dog she was. We did some more training and hopefully will be more prepared next time!