Friday, September 19, 2008

Finally some time to post!

Sorry for the delay in posting for those waiting! It has been a busy time with the babies! We also spent last weekend down at the Crane Wildlife Management Area for the VCCNE hunt test. I was apprentice judging the junior hunt test levels so I can officially begin to judge at hunt tests. The paperwork is all done, now I just need to wait for the official word that I am a judge!

We had a great time on the Cape, despite the rain. Kyler had to stay home with the babies since they are not vaccinated yet, it was just too risky to take her or them with us. We were able to work Cedar on some birds after the event, which was very helpful with some issues we have had with him lately. I think we made some progress.

The puppies are now almost 7 weeks old! I can't believe they will be leaving next weekend! I will miss them as they have come quite a part of daily life here. They are spending time daily outside in their ex-pen as well as being able to run around the house while we clean their box.
Here they are asleep in the corner of their box.Outside chewing on their first turkey neck, which is great for teething! The one missing the collar is the yellow girl, she, or someone else that is, keeps pulling it off and I find it on the floor in their box.Yellow girl digging in. The boys, learning how to share.Can't I just have a tiny bite?
Red in the house this morning. I was trying to get some nice pictures this morning, but they wouldn't leave me alone, so I had a difficult time.Hmm, check cord, tasty! This is the pink girl and the green boy (formerly light blue), he also managed to get his collar off. Luckily they are all old enough that I can tell the difference between them all even without their collars.Dark blue testing out his teeth on the check cord.Hopefully over the next few days I will be able to get some better pictures.
I am heading up to Sharpe's farm in Hopkington, NH both Saturday morning and Sunday morning to run Kyler in 2 SH tests. It is still slightly risky because the babies are still not vaccinated, but I am running first in the brace and will put her up in the truck as soon as we are done running. I plan to wipe her down with Chlorhexiderm after as an extra precaution for the babies. We'll see how things go, her honor still needs some work. She has yet to honor another dog other than a Vizsla...We are braced with a GSP tomorrow and a Brittany on Sunday. I am hopeful that working with our friends GSP tonight that we can lay the groundwork for that. Fingers crossed!


Andrew Campbell said...

Good luck, Kim! Sharpe's is an easy place to get tripped up... I should know.

Have fun!


Delilah and Rocket said...

I can't belive they are leaving next week. WOW! time flies.