Sunday, September 7, 2008

A great weekend

My weekends start early now that I have a set schedule at work. At least until further notice I currently work Tu/Wed/Thur from 7am to 7pm. That gives me a 4 day weekend every week! It may change in the near future, as the hospital I work for wants the surgeon to be there on Mondays instead of Wednesdays.

The puppies continue to grow and get cuter every day. They are starting to develop their own personalities now.

This is the red girl playing with Kyler, she, in particular likes to play with mom. This was the puppies first time being allowed to run free in the house to explore.
The light blue boy picked up one of Mike's socks and carried it around for about 5 minutes. I didn't want to take it away as he was enjoying carrying it and since he wasn't hurting anything I decided to let him carry it for a while.The first time being allowed outside their pen in the yard. The pink girl checking out the transport cages for quail.
She got it! The red girl was able to grab the wing while Jaida was dragging it around.This is what happened after I brought them back inside after the romp. Excuse the stain on the pee pad!
The love to tackle mom!The boys checking out the world outside of the box.Pink loves to play! She seems to be the bounciest of the group.
Puppy pile!Red girl watching the action.Red girl chewing on her first marrow bone.This is how we found the navy boy after romping with mom.
Kyler is a fantastic mom, I keep trying to tell her that she can wean them now...She doesn't nurse them often, but still does a few times a day. It can't go on much longer, their teeth are sharp! (Note: Their collars changed again...They outgrew the medium size ones. The only real change is that light blue boy is now neon green, and the yellow girl, who was originally white, is more of a neon yellow)Jaida holding the big boy.We also took Cedar and Kyler for a hike on Saturday to Laughton's tree farm. Which, incidently, is not really a tree farm anymore, it is owned by the state. Mike had done some work there a few years ago cutting trees to create habitat friendlier to grouse, which are not very common in Massachusetts. Just as we came to a corner where we turned down this road, the dogs put up a small covey of 3 grouse! They were ecstatic after that and hunted hard for a good 1/2 hour realizing that there may be more birds there. We didn't find any, but it was a nice experience for all, as you just don't see grouse all that often where we are.This is one of the roads leading to our house. On the way back from our hike we ran into these guys, a flock of about 30 turkeys. Strangely, we took this picture right after running into about 10 turkeys justs a few hundred feet behind us.
Jaida had fun on Friday after school with finger paint!Then, Sunday, we visited the Franklin County Fair, where Jaida likes to sit on the tractors. Note that she is wearing appropriate clothing for the particular brand of tractor she is "driving".Of course, it wouldn't be a complete fair with out petting a calf! She also had a great time on a roller coaster and a mini pirate ship ride! I was quite suprised at how much fun she had on the "scary" rides!


Andrew Campbell said...

Jaida-bean with green fingers! Looks like pre-school is going okay.

Nice pups, too, by the way! They are getting quite adventuresome. Like the pic of the pile-up on poor Kyler.


Kim said...

Jaida is loving pre-school! Kyler gives as much as she takes with the puppies, she has been pouncing right next to them nearly squishing them a few times...Some of the puppies take it better than others! Funny though, the navy boy is getting crazy while the light blue (now neon green) is mellowing out a lot.


Delilah and Rocket said...

Love the puppy pile! how cute. I've got my puppy fix for the day. Thanks for posting the pics