Friday, March 28, 2008

Some hope for the injured!

Well, I just received an email from Christine Zink, DVM, the noted doggie sports veterinarian. I had emailed her about Kyler's injury asking if she had any advice. She replied that knowing what type of groin injury would determine her long term outlook. Apparantly if it is a iliopsoas strain, then it will need intensive physical therapy, but the outlook is good overall. Without physical therapy the injury will continue to crop up here and there...

This gives me some hope that perhaps Kyler will still be able to be the normal hunting dog she loves to be! I am going to investigate this further and see if we can determine what type of groin injury she has.

We leave in 2 days for our cruise, thank goodness!! I have been working a lot of overtime to pay for it and I need a break!

So, I will be away from blogland likely for a bit over a week, to return hopefully refreshed with some cool photos of all the places we will see! I am most looking forward to a jungle climb in Dominica that ends with a zip line!
P.S. That stinkin' cute puppy picture is of Kyler's first born, now named Max. He is so handsome! He was the mellowist puppy in the litter, he would rather think about things than jump into stuff!


Andrew Campbell said...

You win! That may be one of the cutest v-pups I have ever seen... and such a great, contemplative old-man face.

Have fun on your trip! It's well-deserved.


Rocket said...

Did zip-lining in Quepos, Costa Rico in Feb. 2007. FABULOUS! but first we had to hike uphill in order to zip down.

What a cutie pie picture! Makes me want another one ..... :-O

Ziggi and Pesto said...

That pup is just so cute.

Just popping in to say hi - I really like your blog

Zig x