Monday, April 7, 2008

We're Back-Sadly

So, we are back from vacation, having flown into Logan airport, in Boston last night. All I can say is Brrr...We were really hoping that the snow would have melted a bit more while we were gone, but I guess it is New England!

We had a fabulous time, we visited 6 different islands (St. Thomas, Dominica, Barbados, Antigua, St. Kitts and St. Maarten) We had some wonderful adventures on most of them, including a canopy challenge on Dominica (pronouced Dom-in-eeka). This involved being 30+ feet off the ground in an obstacle course of logs and cables, with a few zip lines. The toughest one for me invloved about 20- 5 inch diameter logs hanging on end by some rope and having to walk across this 30 foot bridge. For obvious reasons the logs swayed every which way, it was a tough one!
I will post some pictures from our new camera as soon as I can get them off of Mike's computer.
We traveled with my sister, Michelle, and her husband, George. We get along wonderfully, and Mike and George have a lot in common, this made for a great trip! As always, there are talks of pipe dream moves to one of these places to operate a jet ski business, but alas...Where would the dogs play with birds!? It is not meant to be!

The dogs stayed at a friends house down the road and were spoiled by hiking a mountain every day with their 2 dogs. They also got to play with cats at the house, which they haven't seen in a while. Apparantly they did fine and didn't try to eat them, luckily!

Jaida stayed at Grandma's house and was spoiled for a whole week, I was actually suprised that she wanted to come home!

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Andrew Campbell said...

Welcome back, Kim!! Glad your adventures went so well. Will look forward to seeing some pics.