Monday, March 10, 2008

My first blog!

So, here we go...After realizing that I am apparantly missing out on some fun here, I decided to try the whole blogging thing...
We'll see how much I can actually write with having a full time job and a website to keep up to date!

Here is a picture of the 2 V's resting on the futon. Kyler somehow curled herself up under Cedar. I am not sure who was there first!

So, as this is the "off" season for bird dogs, at least around here, we have started back up with agility with the dogs. We are going to Breeze Thru Agility in Vermont. We are siging up for our first competition now, it will be in April. It is a CPE (canine performance events) I am still quite confused about all the different levels and "games" that it offers, I have to speak to the instructor this week to ask her about it.

Kyler is performing quite well during class, we haven't done any agility since I was 9 months pregnant with Jaida, so she is doing well seeing as it has been a 2 1/2 year hiatus...Cedar is his usual silly self. He does really well sometimes, then acts like a goofball and just wants to run around jumping on top of the tunnels, not through them. He still seems to enjoy himself, even if Mike is shaking his head about it all.


Andrew Campbell said...

Welcome to the blogosphere! That header picture is awesome with the three v-beasts on the couch. Will go pick up our two clowns from MD on Wednesday -- and we have a couch on order, so maybe we'll have a similar picture soon.

best wishes

Rio Rocket said...

Hey you're at least one up on me. I still can't get a picture in the header! or figure out how to get all the awsome video off my new Sony vid-cam. Their stuck inside the "utility" software so I can't get them to load onto blogger.

LOVE the pics of the V's what beautys you have. Can't wait to see more.

Take care,
Rocket's Mom

Kim said...

Thanks for the positive commentary! When I have more time I will post more hopefully with some pictures!

Lael & Neil said...


I saw the link to your new blog on Andrew's site. Lael and I have live with Makin and another v from Wendy and Chris. I am sure we will visit your site often!