Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Summer update!

(Jaida on a boat ride, July 4th)

So, after a long hiatus I think I finally have some time to update things here! It has been a rough summer since my last post. After being pulled out of work at the beginning of June things apparantly took a turn for the worse and I have now been hospitalized three times for pre-term labor issues...I have spent a total of 18 days in the high risk labor and delivery ward at Baystate Hospital's Wesson Women's Center. I have been on strict bed rest since the beginning of July. I am "allowed" one shower per day and can get up to use the bathroom, nothing else.

Mike has been busy taking care of all the animals here at Forest King, from the dogs to the chickens and tortoises. On top of that he is working full time and taking care of all the shopping, housework plus Jaida and I. He has been extremely busy!

Dogs are starting to grasp the concept that mommy doesn't feed them right now and have finally gotten the idea that Mommy doesn't take them for hikes right now. Rogue is finally getting to the age where she is beginning to settle down, luckily!
We are looking forward to the fall field trial and hunting season. With me being essentially out of commission until this baby decides it is officially time to come, I am not able to compete with any of the dogs. So, lucky for us, Andrew has kindly offered to run Rogue, the little nut-ball, in several field trials this fall. Since Mike doesn't ride and the majority of trials that Rogue will be running in will be from horseback, we need her to be handled by someone that is comfortable on a horse. I am hoping to get into the saddle perhaps by late fall. Time will tell!
Hopefully soon I will have more pictures to post soon, with staying at home all the time the camera hasn't gotten much use!


Laila said...

Best wishes for a healthy pregnancy and delivery.

Laila (and my mom Renee)

Kim said...

Thanks for the kind words! It has been quite the summer...Not really what I had planned! It will be over soon and life will get back to "normal" with 2 human kids!

Andrew Campbell said...

Wohoooo! Bring on the nutball! We'll have fun with her this fall, for sure.

all best