Monday, June 29, 2009

The joy's of a 3 year old!

Well, almost 4 year old. If you ask Jaida yourself how old she is, she will say 3 1/2. Her birthday is next month. Now that school has ended we are faced with the task of keeping her entertained for the whole summer. The first weekend off she had a birthday party for one of her friends. They had a huge slip n' slide that she spent about 2 hours going around and around.

Here is a video of her and her friends going down. (it takes a little bit to see her go down)

This is only a tiny bit of the mud she got on herself by the end of the party! The inside of her bathing suit was black!

The tortoise in our family, Wonka, has had a change of habitat, which is very exciting! She has finally been moved into a more appropriate house for her size. She now resides in what is called a Tortoise Table. Basically it just gives her a lot more room to move around and get some exercise. I am hoping that it will allow her to have the space for a friend or 2...

Then, on Saturday night we had the opportunity to go see the PBR (professional bull riders) in Manchester, NH. My brother-in-law happened to get 4 tickets for their company owned suite for free! This was Jaida's first time going to this type of event and she was very excited! She wore my cowboy hat and loved it!
I have never had the chance to be in a suite at any type of event...Wow, how nice it was! I don't know if I ever want to do it without the suite again! Spoiled!
Here is Jaida dancing prior to the riders coming out. They were playing a lot of good music andshe was obviously enjoying herself...

For anyone who worries that bulls used in bull riding are treated poorly....Think of it this way...The bulls that they use on these circuits are sometimes worth over $100,000. Would you treat something badly if it was worth that much money? Didn't think so! Here is a link to a PBR site on the bull's welfare:
We have been to several PBR events, it was a yearly tradition for a while to make it to the event in Worcester, MA. The bull's always seem quite content and have always been in excellent shape.

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