Friday, December 11, 2009


We found out this week that we are expecting puppies!! Kyler was bred to Duke, Rogue's dad in early November and we found out on Wednesday that we will be expecting at least 4 puppies, possibly 1 or 2 more. We will find out a more accurate number when I take a radiograph in a couple weeks.
Hopefully I will be able to post her radiograph pictures after we take them!!

Stay tuned for more info!


Andrew Campbell said...

oH SCAREY! More crazed sweethearts like the Rogualicious... good luck to all of you and Kyler, especially!


Rod Michaelson said...

Good luck with puppies. I really appreciate people who further this amazing breed by putting their lives on hold to have a litter.

Rod @

Kim said...

Andrew, Thanks! We will be on the lookout for the next "Rogue" in the litter, since Carrie would love her drive!
Rod, Thanks for stopping by! Yes, puppies do certainly put lives on hold for a bit, but it can be so much fun! At least the first 4 weeks mom does most of the work!