Saturday, May 9, 2009

Little Stinker!

Well, all is well here. No real big news to report.

We spent the first weekend of May down on the Cape at Crane Wildlife Management Area. The Mayflower GSP club was holding their spring hunt test. I was actually scheduled to judge junior hunter on Sunday, but the entries were such that they decided to cancel half of the judges. It was fine with me, as I had been really sick for the past 2 weeks and actually looked forward to just running the dogs and recovering.

On Saturday Mike ran Rogue and I ran Kyler. Rogue ran well and passed her 2nd JH leg. Kyler was having a great run when she went on point in the back course. Unfortunately, her bracemate, who is obviously not ready for the Master Hunter scene, screwed her up. He came running up to her and basically ran circles around her, not honoring at all. Kyler moved and one of them bumped the bird, they both jumped at it. I called whoa to Kyler, who stopped instantly, but it was too late. We both got picked up. Kyler should have stayed steady, but I can't really blame her for moving...The other dog was just being an idiot.

On Sunday Mike and I changed roles and he ran Kyler and I ran Rogue. Rogue remembered the deal from Saturday and went off like a shot from the break-away. She hit the back tree edge and was barely a spot on my radar. Yikes, that is a field trial dog for you!

She came around nice and went into the bird field with one find on the back course. We were braced with Jen and Dennis' puppy, Raven, who made an excellent bracemate! Neither of them had any interest in playing and were obviously out to work. Rogue ran like a little nut-ball and was basically on the other side of the field from me most of the time. She hunted like a pro. The one thing she didn't do was pay any attention to me! She was out for herself and had not a care in the world that I was there. At one point she had a nice point on a quail, which was completely buried in the grass. When I went to flush it, it could only fly up about a foot due to the grass. Rogue was able to grab it and spend the next 5 minutes running around with it in her mouth. She would not bring it to me no matter what I said. She finally dropped it because she thought she had found another bird.

In the end we did pass with all 9's except for trainability (which we got a 7). I actually thought that the judges might give us a 5, which would just pass us. One of the judges came up to me after with some funny comments. She said that someoneelse would have failed us due to how everything went. She actually said that I should have yelled at Rogue when she wouldn't listen to me. I found that a bit funny because had I yelled at her, she still wouldn't have listened to me, and I think it would have looked worse.

Here she is with a really nice point, even if you can barely see her in the grass! All of these pictures are compliments of Jen, who was out on the brace with us.

Then, when we were done running the dogs, this guy showed up! He is well known in the area for coming to take away some of the game birds for his bird to eat. Jaida was quite facinated by Sarah the red tailed hawk. She was intimidating and kept flapping around, which was a bit scary for Jaida!

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