Monday, May 19, 2008


So, as of this weekend, Kyler is finally in season! So, depending on how plans work out she will either be flying on a plane to Indiana next Wednesday (the 28th) or will be going with a private carrier via UShip. This is a company that puts the type of transportation you need out to bid to private companies. I just discovered this company yesterday, but I am feeling a bit more comfortable with her being in a comfy truck then in a cargo hold of a plane. I researched this company yesterday after finding out that with airline prices these days it will cost me $350 each way to fly Kyler from Massachusetts to Indiana. Yikes! I try to pay less than that for myself to fly roundtrip!

So, anyway, as it seems, I have someone locally who would be willing to drive her directly to Indiana for $200. Not sure if he can take her back or not, it all depends on the timing. He will be going out there to transport either cars or boats or horses

If all works out as planned then her puppies will be due August 6th, if she is similar in timing to her last litter. She is being bred to FC AFC Point Blanc's Rusty Miracle. He also recently won the NVA (National Vizsla Association) national amateur field trial! Nice dog! Here is his picture.

He is a handsome fellow! Now, hopefully we will be able to keep up with the puppies!

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Andrew Campbell said...

Kim: Nice to see you all yesterday. Sorry it was such a lightning trip. Glad you found some alternatives to buying a Lear jet to get MHP to Indiana. And yeup, Duke is one good looking fella.